Contact Us

General Information
If you have a question or would like to join us, please e-mail us at, and someone will get back to you promptly.

Concert Tickets
For ticket information, go to the “Tickets” page, or send e-mail to You can also reserve tickets by sending your check for the ticket amount to:
Rainier Chorale Tickets
PO Box 5336
Kent, WA 98064-5336

Rainier Youth Choirs
For information regarding our Rainier Youth Choirs, please contact their Executive Director or the Choirs’ Artistic Director. Visit their web site here.

Principals and Officers
The Rainier Chorale is managed by the Board of Directors, four officers, its executive director, and its artistic director. You may e-mail the Board at or contact members individually based on their responsibility. The principals and officers for the 2022-2023 season are:

Christina Polzin, President   E-mail Christina
Carissa Eaton, Vice President (Publicity)   E-mail Carissa
Libby Gibson, Secretary (Uniforms)   E-mail Libby
Sonia Handforth-Kome, Treasurer   E-mail Sonia
Emily Pierre, Tickets   E-Mail Emily
Amara Reitz, Grants and Fundraising   E-Mail Amara
Robbi Baskin, Social Activities   E-Mail Robbi
Kay Cummings, Website & Member Services   E-mail Kay
Jon Glenn, Logistics, Facilities, Auxiliary   E-mail Jon
Ron Bayer, Artistic Director   E-mail Ron
Leora Schwitters, Artistic Director, RYC   E-mail Leora