About the Members

Rainier Chorale includes people of all ages and all walks of life. The information on this page was culled from 70 responses to a Chorale Demographics survey performed by our Librarian in the spring of 2003, and expanded in the years since. Although attendance varies for every concert, we think these numbers indicate a good cross-section of the kinds of people the Chorale attracts.

Total Years in the Chorale: 384

Average years per person: 6

Favorite Music: Classical: 22; All, Most, or Eclectic: 17; Pop/Show Tunes: 12; Jazz: 10; Choral, Christmas, or Religious: 3 each.
Honorable Mention (2 each): Easy Listening, Folk, Mozart, R & B.
Also Mentioned (1 each): Alternative 80s, Bluegrass, Celtic, Classic Rock, close harmony, Country, Gospel, Electronic, Ethnic, Extreme, Great Hits of 70s & 80s, Movie Soundtracks, Opera, Punk Rock, Rhythm, Womens, ZZ Top.

Professions: Teacher: 11; of Music (subset): 6; Domestic God/Goddess: 9; Administrative Assistant: 3.
Honorable Mention (2 each): Computer Programmer, Microbiologist, Office Manager, Piano Tuner, Project Manager, Systems Administrator.
Also Mentioned (1 each): Account Specialist, Accountant, Auditor, Business Development, Certified Medical Assistant, Child Development Coordinator (Head Start), Construction Manager, Dentist, Electronics Assembler, Engineer (Arctic, Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Mechanical, Petroleum), Human Resources Manager, Instructional Assistant, Library Technician, Licensed Practical Nurse, Medical Transcriptionist, Naval Officer, Optometrist, Para-educator, Physical Therapist, Program Analyst, Purchasing Agent, Quality Manager, Realtor, Registered Nurse, Retail Manager, Reservation Agent, Salesman, Sales Manager, Secretary, Social Worker, Structural Test Technician, Tailor Shop Manager.

Retired? Yes: 14, No: 56

Age (Decade): 20s: 4; 30s: 5; 40s: 24; 50s: 17; 60s: 9; over 70: 7; None of yer bizness: 4

Married (or Committed): Yes: 51; No: 19

Offspring: Children: 132; Grandchildren: 124; Great-grandchildren: 5

Pets: Yes: 2; Cats: 65; Dogs: 29; Birds: 15 (3 people); Fish: ? (6 people); Goats and Ducks: 2 each (same person); Rats: 4; Bunnies: 4; Snakes, Ferrets: 1 each; Hermit Crabs: 13 (1 person), 1 (another person); NO!: 1

Hobbies: Reading: 11; Traveling: 10; Gardening: 7; Camping, Hiking, Walking: 7; Acting (Drama), Crafts, Fishing (Fly & Other), Golf, Playing Piano: 4; Cooking, Cross-Stitching, Movies, Scrapbooks/Stamping, Sewing, Woodworking: 3.
Honorable Mention (2 each): Antiques, Computer Gaming, Conducting, Dancing, Decorating, Ham Radio, Writing Poetry.
Also Mentioned (1 each): Belly Dancing, Boating, Bowling, Building, Building Models, Ceramics, Crocheting/Knitting, Digital Photography, Doing Lunch, Doll Collecting, Entertaining, Flower Arranging, Girl Scouts, Go Mariners!, Hand Bells, Handwork, Handyman, Mah Jongg, Music, Putter around the house, Puzzles, Rebuilding Pianos, Showing Cats, Skiing, Snorkeling, Stained Glass, Theater, Water Exercises.